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Welcome to our website about "Islamic Tolerance". This site is mainly made to correct the wrong stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. You will find many many links to different sites. Besides information, you will have fun too, please go to  the "Islamic Flashes" section. Moreover, you will find articles and books by Muslim and non-Muslim writers. Enjoy! :)

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    Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq

    by Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber


    Iraqi War under the claim of fighting terrorism

    Most Of Fallujah Victims Women, Children- Report
    Most of the Iraqis killed in the week-long U.S. occupation offensive into the restive town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, are children and women, an Iraqi dentist in the besieged town revealed Monday, April 12.

    Over 10,000 Civilians Killed In Iraq: Amnesty
    Over 10,000 Iraqi civilians were killed since March 20, 2003 as a direct result of the U.S.-led military offensive on Iraq, Amnesty International said in a new report.

    Scholars Condemn U.S. In Iraq
    The U.S. occupation forces should halt their "brutal genocide" against Iraqis and international community has to intervene for stopping this aggression that does not exempt even mosques or sanctities, 67 world Muslim scholars said in a statement.

    Iraqis Do Not Want Us by Robert Fisk
    A war founded on illusions, lies and right-wing ideology was bound to founder in blood and fire.

    Iraq Still In Chaos
    Exactly one year ago, the toppling of the famous statue of Saddam Hussein made the headlines and TV news coverage worldwide.

    By John Pilger
    Let us be clear on the facts of what happened one year ago today. The United States, aided by Britain and Australia, attacked a sovereign country, unprovoked, and in breach of the most basic principles of international law. By the most conservative estimates, up to 55,000 people were killed, including at least, 10,000 civilians: men, woman and children, a figure confirmed this week by Amnesty International

    The Real Axis of Evil
    From the start, North Korea was the "odd man out" because it had little in common with the other two axis members. Now that the war in Iraq is ending, it's clear who the real axis of evil is: Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

    Did Bush Deceive Us in His Rush to War?
    Now the pressure is on for Bush to find or plant those alleged weapons of mass destruction fast or stand exposed as a bullying fraud.

    Has the War Left the World a Safer Place
    It is over, and mercifully faster than most of us dared imagine. But the devastating military campaign to remove Saddam Hussein has raised more questions than it answers.

    Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?
    After three weeks of war, after the capture of Baghdad and the collapse of the Iraqi government, Saddam Hussein s weapons of mass destruction  those weapons that President Bush, on the eve of hostilities, said were a direct threat to the people of the United States  have still to be identified.

    Why Syria Is in America's Gunsights
    First it is most powerful enemy, possessor of weapons of mass destruction  none of which have been found. Now it is Syria, Israel s second most powerful enemy, possessor of weapons of mass destruction, or so President George Bush Junior tells us.

    We see too Much. We hear too much. That is our best defence; John Pilger
    We now glimpse the forbidden truths of the invasion of Iraq. A man cuddles the body of his in-fant daughter; her blood drenches them...

    In liberation's name Iraq is being crushed
    This invasion was never previously touted as one of liberation. It was supposed to be about the disarming of Saddam Hussain from his weapons of mass destruction.

    Family members of 9/11 victims condemn war!

    Al-Jazeera Uncovered the Truth :Horrific Images from Iraq